Investment Liability Insurance Policy

Exocapital Limited is a company that strives to perfection of the services provided. Given certain features of an online investment, we understand that in addition to high-tech trading approaches and the company the best trading team, additional guarantees and business support are ufged needed.
In this case, we decided that investment liability insurance is an important step towards the trust of our customers and full mutual understanding of any issues that may arise in the process of mutual cooperation.
The investment liability insurance policy is a hallmark of Exocapital Limited. These are the guarantees that make investing with us absolutely risk-free and reliable.
If you have been looking for a company with which it is safe to earn a lot and for many years, Exocapital Limited is your reliable business partner always.

Collateral Methods

How does investment liability insurance work? We entered into an insurance contract with one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Prudential Financial, specializing in the provision of insurance services in the investment business.
In order for this contract to become possible, Exocapital Limited needed a fairly large amount of working money, the size of which was not disclosed under the terms of the contract.
In addition, we underwent a large-scale inspection and only after that the contract took place.
Flexible variable-amount insurance terms, in which we pay for the policy on a monthly basis, allow us to regulate the level of insurance liability depending on the total amount of active investments that our customers have invested in the company at the given time.
Thus, at any time we have sufficient funds under the insurance contract to cover any investment liability in the event of an insurance event.

Benefits of ExoCapital Limited Insurance

Subject to the rules of cooperation with Exocapital Limited, each investor receives full protection of his own money. You do not need to enter into an individual insurance contract with us, since insurance liability occurs automatically as soon as you have created an investment in our company.
This approach significantly reduces overhead costs, as well as more effectively prioritizes the development of mutually beneficial relations and simplifies interaction between the parties.
Each transaction, each investment is protected from the beginning and until its expiration.
You can be sure of us and what we offer our customers, as our entire business is transparent and subject to periodic monitoring of UK goverment services.

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